Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My son is 13 years old.
just over a week ago we lost my father in law. Someone my son cared about and had enjoyed the company of for every birthday celebrated, Christmas, Thanksgiving and most weekends for dinner and some weeknights at dinner time. He was saddened by the loss. Yesterday an uncle through marriage, someone he had known for more than half his life, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. One call to me at work from my son and I could tell her was hurting bad. It is strange watching a child in greif. Up one minute, down the next. You'd never know he was grieving then wham! Tears well up.
Last night he slept badly. Today he slept most of the day. I'd check on him and he'd open his eyes, look at me blankly then tell me he loved me then would drift off again. The boy has told me he loves me more in the last two days than he does in two weeks. He is sad because he will miss these people. Today he seem to be really feeling it. I hurt for him.


  1. Hugs! Best wishes! This, too, shall pass. Enjoy the love and cuddling he is giving you at this moment, and give him lots back, and make what you can out of one of life's hardest lessons.
    More hugs!
    And, happy birthday, tomorrow. Eat LOTS of cheesecake!

  2. I will be in tomorrow see you then.