Friday, March 26, 2010

I never thought the day would come....

I never saw this coming.... and some of my friends won't beleive it when I say this.
I am sick of Swiss Chalet Chicken
I cannot believe it when I say it but I have had enough Swiss Chalet Chicken to last me a long time. I had it twice this week. I don't think I have EVER eaten Swiss Chalet Chicken more than once in a month. 
But here I went and ate it twice this week (Tuesday and Friday) and actually took advantage of the bottomless fries deal because I was short changed on my first plate.
Right now I don't think I ever want to eat it ever again.   But I am pretty sure I will aquire my taste again in time.
Maybe not.
We shall see.


  1. Mmmmm....Chalet Suisse... LET'S GO! NOW!
    You'd go, wouldn't you?
    You would...
    I know it... think cheddar garlic bread.. think bottomless pepsi... think chalet dipping sauce....mmmmmmmmm

  2. I'd go for the bread the cheddar cheese and garlic loaf....not ready for the chicken yet. Give me a few more days.
    The picture isn't looking half bad today.

  3. mmmm I think I can do Chicken again afterall.