Saturday, March 13, 2010

It gorgeous outside and I'm in here..


I have to write something.

My mind draws a blank even though throughout the week I thought of lots of things to write about.

My friend Cathy made a suggestion that I should write about a young girl her son knows and my personal encounter (virtual) with her, but 3 days after the fact the enthusiasm is gone. The energy that would drive what little creative mind I have left at the end of the day is spent and I come home and do the housework, cook the meals, and load the dishwasher, because thankfully I have one of those blessed devices. (I'd love to know who actually invented the dishwasher) Everyone knows Thomas Crapper was instrumental in making the toilet a popular item, contrary to popular belief he did not actually invent it, he did however invent the ballcock. That thing that floats and moves up as the water fills the tank and then shuts off the flow when its full. I believe the toilet is a Chinese invention. Anyway I am getting off topic… do I have a topic?

I have no idea who invented the dishwasher. Just a minute.. I will look that up…..

I’m back…

A Woman invented the dishwasher. Do you hear me men? A WOMAN. In 1886!! And not because she was the one washing this dishes. In this case she was wealthy and wanted a machine that could wash the dishes faster than her servants without breaking them. I knew there was a reason the phrase was. “Necessity is the MOTHER of invention”

Anyway, Her name was Josephine Garis Cochran. And she built it herself. After measuring the dishes she made wire compartments, each one designed to fit plates, cups, or saucers. These compartments were placed inside a wheel that lay flat inside a copper boiler. A motor turned the wheel while hot soapy water squirted from the bottom of the boiler and rained down on the dishes.

You go girl.
Josephine ROCKS!!

She eventually founded a company The Crescent Washing Machine Company that was later purchased and is now known as Kitchen Aid.
Now I know. And now you know.
A big thank you goes out to Josephine

Where was I? Oh Yah… too tired and unenthused to come up with anything to write about.

Maybe I will be inspired tomorrow.

Some other ads I found while looking for this image.

She is locked out of her bedroom because she didn't use Lysol.....
to douche. Hmmmm really?  Is this still recommended?

I have lots I could say about this one.  Captions are invited.

This one leaves me without words. Lots of thoughts... no words.

This is just plain cute.

Genius... I'd love to see this one used these days.


  1. LOVE the ads!!!! You should mention this to the ad boys at Christmas... awesome ideas.
    Oh, and rub it in about the dishwasher...

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  3. Looks to me like you found something to write about! Oh, a dishwasher! Just one more thing to dream about.
    Those ads are hilarious. The last one made me laugh out loud! And at least number 4 recognized that all those women worked a lot longer (and probably harder!) than their husbands.