Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'd love to be able to write about my day. What I did. Who I saw. I cannot find the time to do anything of interest these days. I have not played cards, talked on the phone for longer than a minute or two, watch TV. read a book or magazine. I eat, work, cook, sleep.
I AM BORED.. I am so friggin' bored.  yet I am way to busy to have any sort of time for myself. Where does the time go?????  The work around the house piles up higher and higher. Things I need to take care of get put on hold because I do not have the time. I am tired.. I am frustrated... I am lonely. I am bitchy... and I am wining about it. My life feels like it is spinning out of  control.
Someone please stop it.....  I want to get off.


  1. if you find the off button, please share the secret! *sighs at the mountain of laundry staring her in the face*