Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Today.. was MY Birthday. And honestly, I have to say it was the best one I had had in a long time. As I have grown older I have spent a few of them alone, on my own, no man or family near to share them with. And as I have grown older, I have become OK with that.
Today I anticipated being alone, Roger had to wwork a night shift, Laim was away for a funeral. So I figured I would put in my work day and come home buy myslef some food and treat myslef to a sit in bed, in front of the TV wine in hand and do whatever and watch whatever I wanted.
Well. alas, that was NOT to be.
At work I was serenaded in a way that only Cathy can seranade, with her own unique version of happy Birthday. Then with chocolates and a wee bottle of scent in hand she gave me a Birthday hug.  I was so pleased. There was another more appropriate word here but I can't spell it so 'pleased' will have to do even though it is a gross misunderstatement. Latar Gail arrived with a Birthday balloon and another hug. Yay!!! Who doesn't love balloons. It bobbed about my desk all day inviting further birthday wishes from others in the office. Then that rascal Cathy lured me away from my desk on the pretence of buying me a birthday coffee. Well actually she DID buy me a coffee and when I returned to my desk there was a card on my keyboard with more Birthday wishes. I'm surprised I didn't cry. I am going on far too long about this but it was a long and happy day for me. so lets cut this short. Cathy and Dave treated me to dinner at thiers and MY favorite place 'Swiss Chalet Chicken'!!!.
Yay, yet again.
Then to top it off the staff sang a Birthday song when they bought dessert. The lyrics were something like this.
"I don't know but I've been told, somone here is getting old"
"something something somthing ine???
something something 59" ??? WHAT!!!!???
ah who cares... it was fun.
I got home to a parcel on the kitchen counter. From Rogers sister. Chimes... for my chime tree. Out front of the house.
My mom called and sang, my Dad and Betty called and sang. My daughter and step daughter texted me birthday wishes and I spoke to my oldest again later on the phone. and an email from my oldest son. oh and a birthday song and general silliness on the phone with Rogers brother and his wife.
I felt really loved today. What a wonderful feeling.
Happy Birthday to me.
Thanks everyone. I love you all.


  1. Yay!! Hey, GREAT picture! You look like a 1960s Brigitte Bardot style sex kitten! Not bad for an old bat like you!!!!

  2. thaks ... what do they say? With the computer age any photo can be a great photo. And Seguin I think told me that cropping is your best friend.

  3. Everyone says birthdays get crappier as you get older. I'm starting to think they get better, if only because we begin to appreciate all the little things people do for us more and more.