Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What comes now?

My father-in-law is no longer scared.
That's because he passed away this last Saturday.
And now I wonder......
When we leave our bodies. after our bodies die... where does the personality go? Where does, what makes us who we are, go?  Is that trapped inside the lifeless shells that once housed us forever, or does it leave and float out to who knows where and dissipate like the charge of electricity that flashes through the sky during a lightning storm.
I know that differant faiths have their ideas on that.
I don't live by those beliefs.
I have no clear thoughts on that.
I still wonder. The same way I always have when I look down at somene I loved and see the face I recognize but feel the lack of  'them'.  I wait for eyes to open and smiles to appear and wonder if they are wishing they could as they lay trapped inside that body.
What I hope is that they are now floating above the body that served them for many years, looking down on the people they loved and who loved them back and that in this new space are able to feel actually feel the love sent their way.
And in the same way that blanket that I imagine slowly warms and comforts them as they die, the love from the people that were part of their lives flows over them, refreshing them and leaving them feeling healthier, stronger and happy as that love flows over and through them and they get carried away to some wonderful place. Full of sunshine, or starlight, brooks babbling, spring peepers and fresh warm breezes. Coffee brewing, bacon frying. And the people who they loved who passed before them. Whatever sounds, smells, or sensations gave them pleasure in life. Nothing negative, no fear, pain, or conflict.
Is that what 'Heaven' is?


  1. Well said, Lynda. Beautiful ideas. I hope you're well.

  2. i'm sorry for your loss. i'm not a person with any convictions about what an afterlife might be, but the ideas you describe sound wonderful.