Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing Chicken with a spider... in the bathtub

I am not a fan of spiders.
Truth be told, they scare the bejezzus out of me.
8 legs.
Who needs 8 legs anyhow?
Two is sufficient for part of the world’s creatures. I suspect the large majority of our earthly creatures have 4. And insects, who I am guessing make up the largest part of this pie chart have 6.
Horses walking on two legs would look odd and so would insects, so I can accept their unusual amount of appendages nessesary for motion. But spiders.... 8 legs are overkill if you ask me. And it is very possibly the extra two legs that freak me out the most. I don’t know why. There is no sense in being afraid of something that has 8 legs. I just am. That extra set of legs takes them from being potentially cute to just downright creepy.
And that’s my introduction to this blog.

A couple mornings ago I ran a bath and lay back to soak and enjoy. I needed to clean up but soaking is a large part of the experience. It’s a time to relax and also get rid of the chill in my bones which is ever present this time of year.
So, the bath was run and at just the right temperature… and I settled down and lay back in the gloriously hot water. I submerged my head to the point that my face was the only thing NOT under water and let my eyes look up to white expanse of the ceiling. The ceiling in this bathroom is so clean and clutter free. It’s nice to look at. My eyes follow the line of the crown molding around the room and then rest directly above me. I see a speck above my head and in an instant I can see it’s a spider.
So much for the leisurely soak.
I quickly set about washing my hair and body keeping an eye, as best I could , on this spider. The condensation accumulating on the ceiling is making it difficult for him to stay adhered to the drywall and I see him fall away. I attempt to leap out of the tub but since I am wet and slippery with soap it is not easy thing to do and I lose my grasp on the edge of the tub. Thankfully his super spider power.. meaning, his web stuff… remains attached to the ceiling and he only falls a few inches. He pulls himself up this invisible line to the ceiling again and attempts to find a less precarious location to sit and torment me from.
Only a short distance from his location he falls again.
Again, thank goodness the web material takes hold and he falls a short distance and climbs back up again.
I rush through the cleaning of my person and jump out of the tub still keeping a watchful eye on this creature from my nightmares.
I dry off in the hall. And go get my camera. Just so you can see how terrifying he is.

Lynda 0 – Spider 1.
He won that game of chicken. But his victory will be short lived. If I ever see his 8 legged body again… and Roger is home….

Be afraid little spider…. Be VERY afraid.


  1. That is SO scary. The scariest spider I've ever seen. NOT!!!
    Come ON girl, get a backbone! That is the littlest cutest little spider-wider I've ever seen! So precious! I downloaded your picture and threw it into Photoshop to see if it looked any more terrifying blown up. And it was! NOT!
    I love you Lynda, I really do, but YOU NEED TO GET A GRIP!
    Now, if you want to see something REALLY scary, go to my blog and check out the licorice lady. Ooooooooh, now THAT'S scary!!!!
    See ya tomorrow, sweet pea!

  2. Where's the licorice lady??? I looked and don't see one. Spiders or at least the smaller ones are OK if I am fully dressed and can step on them but I am sorry Cathy,naked and laying in a tub leaves me feeling too vulnerable.

  3. Lys and I got attacked by a spider today. Dangled down to ambush us from its hidey hole above. It almost got us too, but Lys spotted it at the last minute. Sent a shudder all through me.
    I would have skipped my bath.