Friday, January 22, 2010

I have the Bathtub Blues

I miss the days when I could climb into a tub full of hot water and soak, fully submerged, with nothing but my head above the surface of the water.
Recently, I started taking baths again.
Because the shower curtains in the front bathroom can't keep their slimy cold selves off of me when I have my shower. I frantically fight with them as they reach out and stick to my body from both sides. There is no pleasure or relaxation in that. I always ended up feeling stressed and pissed right off so I returned to the welcoming white porcelain arms of a childhood friend….. a bathtub in the back bathroom.
I have been bathing in there all winter. But only this morning, for some reason, I noticed that I cannot fully submerge myself at all. I can get my shoulders down but then my knees have to bend. My feet are under water but there is this line that runs about midline on my body and everything above that is exposed to the cold air.
When did this happen? When did they shrink the tubs so drastically?
I want an old fashion claw foot bath tub. One I can fill high and disappear into.

Not my bathtub... wish it was.


  1. Is that your bathtub? Seriously? How come you never invited me over for a soak???

  2. I WISH it was my bathub. Id live in there if it was. Seriously.