Saturday, January 2, 2010

Interesting... very interesting. Not really

That's the dogs bed Smokey is on. Tripper's OK with that.

We have had house guests since New Year’s Eve Day.
I am not complaining.
They are my boyfriend’s brother and his common-law wife. She is an only child and calls me her sister. We are similar is size, shape, and temperament and sometimes it is uncanny how the words come out at the exact same time and the exact same words with the exact same inflection. It is like me being with me and Roger with Roger…. except Roger and his brother don’t look so much alike. John is as tall but heavier set and has dark hair and a moustache.
We spend a great deal of our time together watching TV, eating, talking or shopping. We talk about them retiring up here and getting a family compound.
It’s like being with ourselves.
But... in all the ways Georgina and I are the same and Roger and John are the same. Where John and G differ on what they like and enjoy John and I are the same. Likewise for Roger and G. When we are out John and I will gravitate towards the same things. And vice versa for Roger and Georgina. Roger and Georgina are minimalists. John and I like ‘stuff”. Roger and Georgina are not so social. John and I like socializing.
Strange but a comfortable fit.
They have a dog named Tripper who is very good with my cats. Smokey loves Tripper and they are never far apart when John and G come to visit.
Not an exciting blog… just observations and thoughts.

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