Thursday, January 21, 2010

The big bad wolf... I don't think so

On my way home this evening I was lucky enough to see a LIVE wolf on the side of the highway.
I have only seen them at night in the past, and even so it's been a few years.
This one was coloured very much like the one on the right in the photo above. He was on the right side of the road on the forest side of the snow bank hoping for an opportunity to cross.  His neck was stretched long as he looked up over the bank and watched the cars speed past. Eyes darting from my car to the one beside me and then the one behind.  The roads were busy in both directions. I watched him as long as I could in my rear view mirror and never saw him make any attempt to move out into the highway. I hope he changed his mind and turned back into the woods, or if he continued on in the direction he was facing, I hope he made it safely.


  1. Oh, you're lucky! I've only seen wolves twice in my whole life. See? The commute is good for something! GREAT TO SEE YOU BACK WRITING! I re-read all your blogs the other day and they're really good! Oh, and thanks for the kind words last night... you are very, very wise.

  2. Wise ass is what I am but I could relate and my heart ached for you.