Thursday, August 4, 2011

#fridayflash - Pre Wedding Jitters

Monica went over the conversation in her mind.

She and Karen had been discussing her upcoming wedding day and Monica was getting nervous.

"No" she answered to Karen's question about cold feet. "I absolutely have no questions about marrying Dan, I love him with all my heart and have no doubt we will be able to work through everything and anything we encounter. It's the things that go wrong on wedding days, the stories you hear about the flowers not arriving on time, or the DJ not showing. That's what I am afraid of"

"You know what " Karen stated. She was much older than Monica. The same age as Monica's mother as a matter of fact, and she often took it upon herself to give Monica 'motherly advice'. "That may happen, and then again it may not. But what's important to remember is how much you and Dan love each other and this is your day to celebrate your love and enjoy. If things go wrong, try not to focus on them so much, don't let them ruin your day"

"Make Lemonade" Karen said. "You know what I mean right?" she asked, nodding her head.

"I do" Monica answered " that's great advice."Thank you."

The guests were seated. The music was playing. And the flowers had not arrived.

Monica stood in her wedding gown at the sink in the kitchen in the church basement. Brushing the veil away from her face she squeezed another lemon into the pitcher containing sugar.

She added cold water from the tap and stirred vigorously.

"I don't see how this will help" she thought.


  1. She was blonde, right?
    Good one! Oh, and all this talk and photo of lemonade is making me thirsty. Nothing beats homemade lemonade.

  2. Love lemonade. The story is a bit of a lemon, worked better in my mind.

  3. I am smiling. Perfect set up for the punch, er, I mean, lemonade.