Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hmmmm... seems I didn't afterall

I was sure I'd written a post today....  then not so sure.
Turns out I hadn't. So. Here it is. Short and well just short. Shopped, got a foot detox bath thingy. cooked. not so well but it was palatable.  Got a dancing christmas chicken from Cathy and Dave... who were here for dinner and cards BTW. Love the chicken. He dances around the floor, beek moving, eyes rolling and he does the chicken dance... you know the one. da da dada dada da, da da dada dada da, dadadada da da da da..oh and his cheeks flash. you can't help but laugh. We figure we can get him bunny ears and use him at Easter too.  and maybe put a sheet over him and he can be a ghost chicken at Halloween. Smokey is a bit unsure and Bandit it not impressed at all. and that makes it even more fun. I will post a pic tomorrow.  I wonder if this will accept video. Oh and chocolates as well.
Had fun... We always do with Kathy and Dave.  They brought the boys along and the 5 (theirs and ours) of them did boy stuff which beyond playing vidoe games could mean seeing who can fart the loudest or longest.  They ARE boys. I have a full day tomorrow. I better try to sleep.

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