Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Drive

This was not taken today, but this is part of my drive to work every day.

When I first found out that I was going to have to commute to Bracebridge every day I was upset. As I have said before I lived close to the location in Huntsville. Close enough that it was a 10 minute stroll. Tops.

A couple weeks ago I officially began the commute, anxious and pissed off at the same time. I drove that first day hating every kilometer of the drive in to work and every inch of it on the way home.
I did not feel a whole lot better about it the next day. Then winter hit. Talk about taking something I hate already and making it so I hate it more.
Well done Mother Nature.
Driving in winter weather...... you read how I feel about that on the previous post.
Today the roads were clear in both directions and I actually enjoyed it somewhat. It wasn't so bad after all.
It only took a dose of the worst winter weather this area has seen in a while to put things in perspective.
That's how I feel about it today.
I might feel differently tomorrow.
I can be fickle.
Or so I have been told.

P.S. I thought on the way home that my blogs were a tad long. If someone wanted to read a novel they'd go to the Library.

So here’s to a short blog.

1 comment:

  1. I like novels! Funny we both wrote a short one last night. Frankly I was so whipped that I could barely turn the computer on. Didn't have another word in me.
    I feel terrible for you and Leah and Doug and everyone who faces that long drive every day. The worst part of it is because you didn't choose it. You all had the commutes you wanted. Yours and Doug's was short. Leah's was manageable. Suddenly you and Doug and have a long one and Leah's is downright awful.
    Dave has the same drive as you but he chose it. He doesn't mind. Winter weather doesn't scare him and he has a the best vehicle money can buy for winter driving.
    I could not face a long drive. Been there. Done it. Don't ever want to do it again. Sundridge to Huntsville was too long for me but Dave and I commuted together so it wasn't too, too bad. Still, sometimes it seemed like we were never going to get home. And there were some nasty drives in bad weather.
    I guess it comes to a point where you have to make a decision of some sort: give up the job you trained so hard to get; move; buy an SUV; car pool ... the choices are just as bad as the commute.
    I'd say your best bet at this juncture is asking Dave to hire you full-time and buy a good used 4x4. Finangle your way into some studded tires. And when weather is really bad, keep an overnight bag in your car and stay at my house.
    You are very valuable to the team at work. Your ads are beautiful and getting more beautiful all the time. Your speed has really, really picked up and you are very well liked.
    I would miss you SO much if you were to go somewhere else.
    P.S. The thing about blogs I'm discovering is sometimes they're long and sometimes they're short but who gives a flying bleep because they're yours. There's no word limit. No time limit. No marks. No space restrictions. Hey, and not even any ads! (That's my favourite part!)
    Love your blog. Love you.
    Keep smiling!