Monday, July 18, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 2

This is the Sunroom in my home.
It holds a cot piled high with cushions to sink into. (seen here) a small desk, a side table a lamp table and two chairs.
And books.
It is my favorite room in the house and if it was up to me, it would remain open all year. But it is uninsulated and has windows on 3 sides so at some point after Thanksgiving it gets closed up.
A Maple tree sits outside the front window and holds my collection of chimes. When the breezes blow the sound is .. I wish I could describe it but I can't other than to say it calms me when I am tense and lifts my spirits when I am down.
The dappled sunlight shines through the leaves on the trees amd streams in and casts a soothing light over everything and the windows open to let breezes through.
On days when I am fortunate enough to have the luxury, I curl up on the cot and read. When my eyes get heavy from taking in the words I nap, then sometimes I will wake and continue to read some more and sometimes drift off again.
I have a tough time keeping still as a rule but but when I set myself down on this cot it's like a switch... the response is automatic. And I relax and forget for a while the challenges life brings.

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  1. What a fabulous room. If I were you I'd never leave it!