Friday, February 24, 2012


I am excited.. and a bit scared.

Sunday morning I fly off to Cuba for a week long vacation with the man in my life. It is my combination Valentines Day/Birthday gift from him.
I have never been to Cuba. I have never been anywhere south of Buffalo, where I went for a family wedding when I was 16 and sick with the flu.

It was not a pleasant experience.

I am hopeful that this trip south will wipe the unpleasant memory of the other out of my mind.


What if I catch the travel bug?

What if I end up never satisfied to be at home?

I have many places I'd like to visit on my bucket list.  And not much time to finish it in.

I have to win the lottery soon.

The world awaits me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long time.

I don't post much. Life keeps me crazy busy.  I am trying to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Work at work.... work at home(my own graphics business) so not the house work kind but add that in there too. Getting my son to karate 5 days of the week.  The Gym (for me)  for 3 of those.. and now that I go with my daughter its a 2 or more hour visit. After I drop my son at Karate I go pick up my daughter at work to go to the gym. Meals.. toilet and baths to scrub.. vacumning (is that spelled right?).. all the stuff we all do. But I never seem to have enough time in my day. Bed at midnight or 1.. up at 5 out the door to drive to work shortly after 7.
Day after day.
The car goes into the shop this afternoon to the tune of $500. I cancelled my dental appointment because I cannot afford both right now.


In a couple days I get to go to Cuba.
Courtesy of Roger.

If I don't show up in 7 days.... you know where to find me.