Sunday, November 20, 2011


Weekends take too long to arrive, and don't last near long enough.'

As usual, the plans for things I needed to get done were put aside for things that came up and HAD to be done first.  This weekend, it was the loss of the Internet connection.

For some reason everyone looks upon me as the computer geek of the household. So when the Internet cacks out or their computer is not acting right there is a knock on my door and an ask for help.

Friday, as I am rushing out the door to work I was confronted by two members of the household telling me they could not connect to the Internet.

FRACK!!! as Cathy would say.. at least I think its Cathy says that.  I think to myself.. "seriously?? is the world going to frikin end at 6:50 in the frikin morning because you cannot connect to the Internet??"'

"Did you refresh your network?" I ask as I rush past to the bathroom? I am referring to the little pop up menu on the bottom right that shows the available connections. I do not know if thats the technical term for it but they both know what I mean.

"No" they say in unison, the looks on their faces a mix of bewilderment and panic.

"Try that" I say and I load my toothbrush with '3D white' and turn it on.
In an instant they return, big puppy dog eyes and say "That didn't work."

"Well I don't know what to tell you guys, I don''t have time for this right now, I have to head to work"'
I say this as they trail after me, laptops open and cradled in their hands. I pass through to the kitchen and pour a cup of tea into my travel mug and look out the window at the snow coming down.

I feel their eyes on me. Waiting for some miracle to happen just because I know they have no Internet. I go to the closet and pull my coat out, hearing them follow close behind. I turn.

Puppy dog eyes, pleading for me to fix this.

"So what do we do then?" one of them asks.

"Read a book" I reply as I rush out the door.

In my rear view mirror I see the image of the two of them standing in the kitchen looking lost.

So, that night I determine it has nothing to do with the Internet coming into the house but with the router we bought almost a month ago. We drive to the store and the sales clerk sends up home with a replacement, which for some god awful reason refuses to install as easily as the first one. It does not want to install at all. In the process my Internet to the house disappears as well.

After at least an hour checking connections, settings etc. and 2 hours on the phone with Sympatico support. I ended up fixing it myself when the phone connection with Sympatico support got cut off. I hate to do it but I reset the modem and my connection was back. Next I spent 45 minutes with Cisco tech support. Things are running again.

I should of played up the dumb blond card years ago.  It's too late now.

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